Housing & Redevelopment Authority

It is the mission of the Housing and Redevelopment Authority to ensure safe, decent and affordable housing opportunities, promote and coordinate development in the Downtown District, and coordinate development options as an integral part of our community. 

In order to achieve this mission, the HRA:

1.   Recognizes our community as our ultimate customer.

2.   Seeks partnerships with government leadership, private and public entities, and our citizens to benefit our community.

3.   Identifies, creates and uses HRA resources to promote growth and development.

4.   Enhances available programs and services in our community.


Rod Salo, Chairperson Linda Cazin, Secretary
Mark Boback Mary Mulari
Jim Lakso, Council Liaison   



 If you have any questions about the Housing and Redevelopment Authority, please feel free to contact the

City Clerk's Office at (218) 229-2614 or via email at cityclerk@ci.aurora.mn.us