Public Safety in Aurora

East Range Police Department - Aurora Office

Public safety is maintained through consolidated law enforcement services provided through a Joint Powers Agreement with the City of Hoyt Lakes, to form the East Range Police Department (ERPD).  Protection services are provided round the clock. 

The ERPD provide patrol and investigative services to the citizens of Aurora.  Officers perform a broad range of activities, which include investigating crimes, answering calls for assistance, responding to accidents, administering first aid to the injured, transporting inmates and individuals with mental disorders, and serving civil papers and arrest warrants as well as many community outreach efforts.  

For more information or for assistance, contact the Aurora ERPD Office at the numbers below

EMERGENCY •  Call 911

Disptach (Non-Emergency)  •  (218) 742-9825

East Range Police Dept, Aurora Office •  (218) 229-2244


Aurora Fire Department

Since 1905, the Aurora Fire Department has been providing fire protection services to Aurora.   Visit our Fire Department page for more information.



If you have any questions about Public Safety, please feel free to contact one of the following:

City of Aurora City Clerks Office (218) 229-2614

Aurora Fire Department - Non-Emergency (218) 229-3131 

East Range Police Dept, Aurora Office •  Non Emergency (218) 229-2244